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If you enjoy swimming and want to extend your swimming season from early spring to late fall, then a solar swimming pool can be an inexpensive way to do this. 

Now the solar pool cover no longer keeps the water as warm as the pool heater, but it certainly helps to keep the heat in the pool. You can also purchase the best swimming pool solar cover for your pool.

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Solar swimming pool covers are basically giant bubble wrap that you put in the pool to heat the water faster and keep it warm. You put a cover on at night to keep it warm and took it off in the morning so the sun could warm the water a little more.

If you do this every night for days or weeks (depending on where you live) your water will heat up faster than if you didn't use it. This will start your swimming a little earlier in the spring and if you repeat it in the fall you will lengthen your swimming.

The only problem with these covers is removing them and taking them off during the day.  While they are sometimes painful to move and store, but they are worth the investment (usually around $ 100) because they are excellent at warming water to a manageable temperature.

Lastly, covering the pool with solar cover is a must if you want to swim early or just want warmer water. If you decide to buy a solar cover, find one that fits your pool’s size. 

Is A Solar Swimming Pool Cover Right For You?
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