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Infertility is a growing issue in the young couple. There are thousands of women who find themselves unable to conceive naturally with their own eggs. Become a donor egg means making a difference in the intended spouse. There are egg donation treatments in Cyprus  that assist other people who cannot have their own children by donating a high-quality egg. This process is performed under an extensive screening to select the eggs. A lot of legal and medical procedures are followed by these clinics in the egg donation process. 

egg donation

Importance of Egg Donation

Several reasons exist for which women can not have children. Ovarian failure may be due to the treatment of cancer, genetic problems and premature menopause. Other issues include the production of poor quality eggs or egg with genetic abnormalities that will not have a chance to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Hence with the high-quality eggs, women who can't conceive will able to deliver a baby with ease.

Egg Donation Process

Egg donation process begins with ovarian hyperstimulation, where the ovaries are stimulated with fertility drugs you are certain or ovulation induction. Follicle growth is monitored by ultrasound and about 10 to 14 days of fertility drugs required to stimulate egg until their maturity level.

Once the eggs are mature and ready to retrieve, they are removed from the ovaries by ultrasound, a small surgical process to take an egg from the ovary. After this time, the donor part is completed. As the procedure is a little uncomfortable, it is done under anaesthesia. The retrieved eggs are then fertilized by male partner sperm in the laboratory under certain environmental conditions.

At the same time, recipients will be in hormonal drugs in order to prepare her uterus for the embryo. The eggs were taken and then cultivated for about 3 to 5 days and then selecting the best embryology and a healthy embryo and transferred into the uterus of the recipient.

Importance of Egg Donation Treatment