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Incentivized marketing is an effective form of marketing that often employs incentives to help an organization succeed. The most commonly used incentives utilized for incentivized marketing are profit sharing, loyalty rewards, or free products to demonstrate appreciation for an organization's good efforts. Companies use such incentives for many different reasons. These motives may include building customer relations, increasing productivity, and reducing the cost of doing business.

When creating a business's incentive marketing strategy, it is important to identify the goals you wish to achieve. Goals will help guide your incentive-based marketing plan. For instance, if you wish to increase production levels, the best way to do so is to provide bonuses to employees who produce at a high level. These bonuses may be in the form of increased production time, better equipment, or more hours.

Once you have determined which incentive marketing strategies will be best suited to your business, you must find an appropriate incentive marketing company to help execute your plan. The Internet provides many opportunities for finding an appropriate incentive marketing company. Many companies that offer incentives on the Internet also have websites where potential customers may register their email addresses to receive updates about new incentive marketing programs. Some incentive marketing companies will email you each month with information about new and upcoming incentive marketing programs.

It is important not to mistake an incentive marketing campaign as a get-rich-quick plan. An effective incentive marketing program should help you increase productivity and improve employee relations. This is an important benefit that should be weighed against the costs of creating the program. If you expect to get customers from your incentive marketing program, you will have to weigh the costs of creating the campaign with the benefits of the program. It is often easier to create a great product and a great incentive marketing campaign, but it may take much longer to get customers to purchase those products or services.

Once you have chosen an incentive marketing mix and an Internet-based company to execute your program, you must learn how to best use those incentives. The most valuable incentives should be those that are specific to your industry. You should only incentivize employees to act in response to your marketing mix if they will actually be able to benefit from those actions. For example, if you are offering free shipping on all of your product orders, you should only give them incentives for purchases made at your website. If you expect great customer service, you can direct employees to customer review web sites or blogs that will provide them with testimonials of how well the service has been provided. The rewards you provide should be in line with what your customers will get out of a favorable response.

One aspect of your incentivized marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the creation of a survey path or incentive wall. Survey paths and incentive walls allow you to offer monetary incentives as part of a promotional effort. Incentive walls can be placed anywhere on your website, although they tend to be located in the footer or sidebars of websites. For instance, on your home page, you may include a "survey trail". When visitors to your site to complete a survey, you may offer either a gift card or other type of reward.

An Internet-based incentive marketing company can help design an incentive marketing path that is effective for your business. Depending on the size and scope of your business, an Internet-based incentive marketing company may help you create a more complex incentive path, such as an "affiliate marketing drive" or "special incentive" link on your home page. It's important to know exactly which incentive you will be provided so that you can effectively target those who will be most interested in the particular marketing incentive you are offering. This is another aspect of the incentivized marketing plan that can be overlooked but is often a great way to attract new traffic to your site. Building links is also a great way to build traffic to your website, but it should not be discounted when evaluating your Internet marketing strategy.

If you are interested in creating incentives that will encourage your customers to return to your website, we recommend that you consider offering them something in exchange for signing up for your email list. Some companies create coupons or "gift cards" for their customers. Other companies provide customers with a free report or e-book if they subscribe to a mailing list. These types of exchanges have been proven to be very effective, and can also bring you, additional customers. Just make sure that what you provide your customer as an incentive for subscribing to your mailing list doesn't negatively affect your current customer base

How to Use Incentives to Bring More Traffic to Your Site?