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Unlike sellers, construction contractors, plumbers, loan officers, real estate agents, and pest inspectors, the home inspector has nothing to lose if you don't like a property.

Sure, most people are good and take their job seriously and there's no reason not to cautiously trust a professional that you are dealing with. However, the one you can really trust the most is the person who has nothing to lose, no matter what you decide to do. Find out more info here here about the home inspector.

Advantages of Hiring Home Inspector - Add Crazy

Sellers have the most to lose if you back out of a transaction. They are required to disclose any issues to buyers, but if they do not.

You have to be able to prove that they knew about any issues all along. Even so, there may be concerns with the property that they are completely unaware of, but you as the buyer still need to know if they exist.

If an inspector checks out a house that you are planning on buying and tells you the foundation is not level and it may get worse, your real estate agent and loan officer both lose their commission on the entire deal if you back out.

That isn't nice for them, or fair, but it is a fact and part of being in the business. Many agents out there are good and will tell you to back out if you are not happy, but beware of the ones who will try to convince you to buy the property anyway.

How To Trust Home Inspector?