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When you are in Thailand, one of the things you may want to try is scuba diving. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something you will never forget. The feeling of being underwater with all of the amazing sea creatures is something you will never understand unless you experience it yourself.

Getting Hawaii scuba certification may seem difficult, but it's likely not as hard as you think. For more information on this, You can join Best PADI Scuba Diving Centre in Phuket, Thailand. Here are some things you need to know about getting certified in scuba diving.


As you might expect, there are age requirements when looking to obtain your scuba certification. Thankfully, these aren't as strict as you may think. Only those who are over the age of 12 can attempt their scuba certification.

If you have a child that is under 12, talk with the company to see if there are any programs he or she can participate in. There is probably something he or she can do despite being young. In addition, you should be healthy and in good physical condition.

Scuba diving can require a lot of physical effort, so you may want to check with your doctor to see whether or not it's something you should consider.

Get Comfortable in the Water

You need to be comfortable with being in the water if you are going to go scuba diving. Instructors will require you to pass a test showing how well you do in the water.

You will likely have to float for 10 minutes with no assistance and swim 200 to 300 yards without stopping. This is one of the first steps to getting your certification, so make sure you can do it before signing up for the class.

How to Get Your Scuba Certification