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The words "home health care" and "home health care agency" mean different things to different people.

Hospitals discharging patients to their homes sooner and sicker, families are not prepared and are overwhelmed. Many families don't want their loved ones to attend a nursing home or skilled care. Many families are never given the option for home healthcare. 

Others think that when their family member is discharged from the hospital to home that there will be someone there 24 hours 7 days a week, for as long as the care is needed. There are so many health care agencies like a helping hand home care agency from where you get information about things like health care services at home and hospital.

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The home healthcare agency explained

There are two different types of home healthcare agencies. The first addresses the medical and health care of the aging adult. Care is provided by home health care agencies and may incorporate the home healthcare, registered nurse and physical treatment. 

Federal and state laws regulate these agencies. They're often Medicare and Medicaid certified. Many private insurance and HMOs pay these services as well. 

The services offered will be irregular like a registered nurse coming into a dressing change or monitoring vital signs. A home healthcare aide can arrive a couple of times per week to help with dressing and bathing. 

The other kind of home healthcare agency provides help with family duties and non-medical care. This may include things like preparing meals, dressing, bathing or moving around the home. Based on the condition, these agencies may or may not be approved. This kind of home healthcare permits individual people who have special needs to remain in their house. 

How To Evaluate The Best Type Of Home Healthcare Agency