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When it comes to cleaning windows at home or office, nobody does a better job than professional window cleaning service in Washington DC. However, if you want to know a natural technique of cleaning windows of your house and/or office clean, then that involves the use of vinegar and baking soda. Let’s find out more about this old yet effective technique of cleaning windows.

What are the benefits of vinegar and baking soda?

Besides the advantage of being completely natural products, they also have truly exceptional properties:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate is a detergent, able to neutralize odors, acids and is antibacterial and antiseptic.
  2. Vinegar, on the other hand, has degreasing and detergent, softening properties (it eliminates the minerals that are contained in the water and the limestone of the pipes) and is, therefore, an excellent product for cleaning glass.

How to clean the windows in 7 steps

Here is the simple operation to perform to clean the windowpanes through the mixture of baking soda and vinegar:

  1. Bring a bucket of hot water
  2. Add about four teaspoons of baking soda and four teaspoons of white vinegar to the water
  3. Mix everything with a spoon
  4. Insert the mixture into a spray
  5. Spray the mixture directly onto the glass
  6. Rub with the newspaper with circular movements
  7. If there are any marks left, repeat the operation

That is how you can clean windows using two of the most common ingredients used in the kitchen. If you think you can clean windows using this method, then that’s great, otherwise, you can call DC Window Cleaners for the job, as they are professional people doing this task for past several years, so they won’t have any issue cleaning the windows of your house or office. Moreover, they are fast, efficient and economical in their work, thus giving you squeaky-clean windows in no time. If you need more information about the best DC Window Cleaners, then you can search it on the web.

How To Clean Windows With Baking Soda And Vinegar?