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The introduction of biometric technology has brought a marked change in the way records are managed by hour time gain. In fact, most of the documents have been reduced due to the use of fingerprint time attendance system. There are certain factors to be considered when selecting a biometric time clock.


One thing to consider when choosing a biometric time clock is compatibility with computer software. Opted for a system that works with the software already running in the company. If possible, opt for an attendance system that has built-in software for recording employee data. Since the purchase of new software is expensive compared to those that have built-in features, it is important to buy a watch that fits the needs. There is a need for economic exercise in selecting and installing the one that best suits the organization.

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Network Problems

While opting for a biometric time clock, it is important to make sure it runs on the company network. The companies are working on various networks such as WAN and LAN. The system works beneficial to the LAN network in which the affairs of the company to get concentrated in one place. When installing the WAN network, the system is well-connected to some corporate network purposes. This will allow the record attendance in one place. Also, it will help in controlling the unnecessary hassles and confusion created as a result of the existence of a distinct and separate network.

The method of capturing data

There are several methods of connection used by the biometric time clock. For example, wireless, Ethernet and USB connections access control is commonly used to create coordinated management of the hour. One of the other methods used to capture data on the hour employee is one who has accessibility to a specific IP address.

The capacity of employees

Before opting for any biometric time clock, it is important to keep in mind the number of employees in the organization. Because of the large investment in terms of money, the right system is essential to choose to record employee attendance. Prefer a clock that can capture data as it expands much more useful than a permanent employee hour.

How to Choose the Right Biometric Time Clock?