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You want to make sure you are thorough to guarantee that your dog is being treated properly and will be as safe and happy in dog care center.

You should plan to visit each facility best doggie day care in west bloomfield during the day when there are dogs present so you can see how the dogs treated. 

You may need to make the appointment ahead of time to get a tour full of dog day care facility. Avoid first thing in the morning (during the off peak times reduction) and at night (5-7 during pickup) as staff may be too busy to answer your questions. Observe the dog there and see how they are treated.

They should look happy and not stressed. Staff should also appear happy and fun and not stress and constantly interacting and watching the dogs. Make sure there is suitable staff for the ratio of the dog so that you can ensure staff have enough time to take care of each and every dog.

The lower the ratio of staff to be supervised their dogs are going and they are likely to get in trouble. The environment should be clean and quiet-not chaotic and dog daycare center should look very professional and restrained.

Cost is also an important factor in determining the daycare facility right dog for you and your pet but do not let that be the only factor in choosing the right place for you. a larger facility multi-managed will naturally be more expensive but they will also provide a much wider range of services to meet the needs of the individual dog.

How To Choose A Dog Daycare Facility