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All blue-collar trade today suffers from a lack of new people entering the workforce. If you are attending the Conference of Building Officials you will see that a large percentage of the trade group of retired people like Police, fire, Carpenters, Labor, electricity and so on.

Many have 30 or 40 years in the inspection profession and have seen everything in construction. These are a very good candidate to be a good building inspector. If you are looking for San Antonio TX home inspector then you can browse various online sources.

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All of the countries at this point require a certain amount of training hours before the inspectors are allowed to work for a municipality. The codebase classes can range from days to weeks and 12 weeks of fully appears to be average.

In addition to the basic code classes, every year inspectors are required to be present in any country, at least 24 hours of additional continuing education credits lessons. Grades range from updating the code, with new green building codes for a refresher on the older code.

Many of the classes are redundant but it is important for newcomers and a good refresher for old-timers. It is not required that a person is a former construction worker or Firefighters became superintendent. Many accountants, homemakers, architects and in general people interested in building professions. This mixture of backgrounds provides a variety of knowledgeable building inspector.

How to Become a Good Building Inspector?