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bathroom renovations Coffs Harbour

Clog draining in our houses is considered to be common. The problem can be solved with the help of household items found inside our homes. This in turn allows us to save time, money and headache. However, if the problem is serious then the only source of help is to call a plumber asap. Or else, you can solve the problem by using some of these items to get rid of drain clogs.

  1. Baking Soda – One of the most common items found in our homes is baking soda. With the help of hot boiling water along with a mixture of baking soda (one cup) and apple cider vinegar (one cup) and then pour down the drain. For those who cannot get access to apple cider vinegar can use one cup of salt.
  2. Hot Water – Hot water is another alternative to hot water. In the presence of fats and oils on the pipes, you can get rid of them due to the temperature of the boiling water. Just make sure you are being careful while pouring the hot water on the plastic fittings that may get damaged due to the temperatures of the water.
  3. A Vacuum – Items stuck in the drain that are difficult to get rid of can be helped by the use of vacuum. With the help of right settings, you can easily pull of oils and fats that are stuck on the pipes.

Many people residing in area of Coffs Harbour, bathroom renovations are done by professional plumbers.

How to Avoid Drain Clogs by yourself at Home?