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Lower back pain, back pain, back pain, spinal pain, are all names for very common and disturbing problems that affect many of us at certain times in our lives. Physiotherapists assess and treat a large number of back pain patients every day and have various treatment techniques to help this condition. You can get to know more about physiotherapy in Vancouver via

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Back pain is rarely an indication of an underlying serious medical condition such as cancer, infection or rheumatic disease but the physiotherapist needs to make sure he is dealing with non-serious back pain. The standard exclusion question was asked by the physio to rule out weight loss, loss of appetite, previous cancer history, bowel and bladder control, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, certain nighttime pain problems and generally feeling sick.

This subjective history tells physio that back problems are mechanical, that is, related to pressure and pressure on the spinal joints now and in the past. They can then proceed to an objective examination, looking at patients in their clothes.

The initial examination begins with the patient walking in and with how they sit to be questioned, and posture is noted next. Many changes in posture do not have great significance but some are in accordance with the overall picture and increase confidence in the correct therapeutic diagnosis.

Spinal pain usually reduces the normal movements that the patient is able to do and this pattern of loss of movement gives an indication of the type of lumbar problem. The range of lumbar flexion is often reduced with the lumbar spine remaining stiff and painful during movement or at the end of the available range.

Other spinal movements are also tested, with physio also checking muscle reflexes, muscle strength, range of hip movements, sacroiliac joints and skin sensibility. The physiotherapist will feel the spinal joints, gathering information about the stiffness or pain reactions of the lumbar segment.

How Physiotherapists Treat Back Pain