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Thermocouples work by measuring the difference in temperature between two ends of a metal wire. They are commonly found in industrial settings, where they help to measure temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! Find out more about thermocouples and how they work with this article.

A metal thermocouple is a specialized type of temperature sensor that uses the principle of thermal radiation to measure temperature. It consists of two metal plates that are in close contact with each other.

The metal plates are usually made out of copper or brass and they are kept at a relatively constant temperature by means of a heat sink. When the temperature difference between the two metal plates increases, the heat radiates from the colder plate to the hotter plate and this change in heat flow is what causes the thermocouple to measure the temperature.

A thermocouple is a device used to measure temperature. It is made up of two metal wires that are connected at a juncture. The ends of the wire are exposed to the heat source and the middle of the wire is in contact with a temperature sensor.

When the temperature changes, the resistance between these two points will also change. This change can be measured and used to calculate the temperature.

How Does A Thermocouple Work?