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The answer is to use a job screening service from a professional consulting firm that specializes in screening job applicants. Screening prospective employees is not a one size fits all tasks.

Various examinations can be performed by employment screening services, including criminal history, credit checks, education, and employment verification, professional verification and accreditation verification, worker compensation history, skills and behavior assessment, Social Security number verification and immigration status, and international checks.

Each employer has its requirements and part of the service provided by the labor screening service is to match the inspection that is appropriate to the needs of the employer. If you are searching for employment screening services then you can hop over to this site

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Surprisingly, industry experts indicate that more than 40% of job applicants misrepresent themselves – can YOU detect this? Doing it yourself is a popular trend nowadays but when it comes to screening prospective employees, don't be tempted to take shortcuts – hire an experienced job screening service.

Employer time is best spent running a business – after all, that's what generates income. And screening prospective employees is not an easy process. Many employers mistakenly believe that all the necessary information is available.

The employment screening service advice that some proprietary criminal databases are inaccurate or incomplete and automatic matching by name or date of birth is common without experienced human analysis.

Doing poor work in screening job applicants is potentially worse for employers than not screening them at all because that brings a false sense of trust. Why take that risk?

When the reputation, financial security, and personal safety of staff and clients are on track, responsible entrepreneurs know that they need the trust and peace of mind that comes from using industry leaders’ job screening services.

How can employers reduce exposure and improve it when choosing employees?