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In this article, I want to share with you horse supplements that most owners neglect to use. No, I will not tell you to supplement your horse diet with feed balancer, joint supplements for horses or other popular horse supplements. Instead, I will share horse supplements with you that is not very popular with horse riders, but that will make your horse’s life easier.

Fly repellents for horses

Flying, mosquitoes, and other annoying insects can cause rashes, bumps, and bumps to appear all over your horse’s body. In addition, some horses have hypersensitivity to flying insects and their bites can cause some serious health problems. Allergy treatment can be very expensive. This is where fly repellent comes in to play.

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Mane and tail conditioner

The mane and tail conditioner is useful for those of you who are involved in more competitive hooray riding disciplines and where the aesthetics of horses are very important. The mane and tail conditioner helps provide a luxurious look for your horse or horse.

Garlic grains

Garlic grains are very similar to flying repellents in a way that they aim to eliminate the same problem. By supplementing your horse’s diet with garlic grains, you will make the horse release a smell that will scare away all the annoying insects and this will stop them from biting your horse. From my own experience, I can tell you that to see the best results you must use an external fly repellent and garlic grains together.

Horse Supplements You Should Give To Your Horse