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Are you thinking of buying or renting a Cintiq 22 HD? Well, this is one of the best decisions because it is very easy to use and provides the best picture editing and designing tools. 

There are many online computer rentals services that provide service of rent Wacom Cintiq 22 HD display like There are some highlights of Cintiq 22 HD.

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 Ergonomic Support

This unit comes with ergonomic support which can be adjusted according to your own preferences. So you can adjust the position in a working position to suit your preferences. This can be very beneficial for you.

Express keys and touch strips

Hotkeys and tactile strips are one of the best features in this area. You can enable this to access custom shortcuts and modifiers. This makes us more convenient.


You can easily accessorize with lots of pens pro compatible, pen nibs, as well as handles. You can choose a pen that is compatible with the device and can use it at your convenience.

Besides these features, there are many more advantages and benefits of Wacom Cintiq 22 HD Touch. It is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.


So if you are in the drawing, writing or tattoo artist this can be very beneficial for you. You can work with a creative pen and gestures to get a better experience. 

Even the rotating stand allows you to get the perfect comfort you can stand around and rotate to your work preferences to get the best position. 

This will no doubt increase your productivity. You can work much more quickly and easily with this machine. 

There are many features that can achieve maximum productivity in this unit. Another impressive aspect of this device is its bright HD screen.

Highlights Of Cintiq 22 HD That Make It Unique
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