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Are you new to direct mail marketing or you have used these strategies to build your business for many years, there is always room to improve your skills and get better results from your marketing efforts.

While there are certainly more than one way to achieve the success of direct mail marketing, there are also some clear dos and don'ts you should adhere to give yourself the best chance to achieve outstanding results.

Is the focus on the quality of your list – Direct marketing mailing your success depends heavily on the quality of your mailing list. If your list is well made, and consists of a prospect that would be really interested in your products and services, you have a good chance of success with this strategy.  

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Do not buy just any old list – While you'll get the best results by building your own mailing list, the reality is that you will probably need to buy a mailing list to start with. But do not just buy an old list. Make sure you get a highly targeted list of leading vendors.

Do take the time to think about who your ideal customers – Do you know who you are trying to achieve? How well can you describe your ideal customer? Who is he (or she)? How much money did he make? What is she interested? What his purchase process? What are its values? How did he speak? What lifestyle like? These are all things you need to know if you want to create marketing that connects.

Do not send a generic, untargeted letters – more personal and targeted to your letter, the better results they will produce. You can not send a generic letter to a diverse audience and hope to get good results.

Helpful Dos and Don’ts for Direct Mail Marketing