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However, when you talk about these terms in relation to signatures, digital signatures and electronic signatures mean two very different things. At the most basic level, all digital signatures are signatures in electronic form. There are various methods that the document can be confirmed with the use of signatures.

A digital signature is a mathematical system that shows the authenticity of digital documents. No need to look like traditional signature letters or graffiti, but more like a badge affixed to the document. You can get to know about electronic signature software via

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This badge stating that the document was not amended before it is sent. This badge is very important for businesses that conduct transactions for software delivery, payment and documents that should not be tampered with or forged.

E signature, on the other hand, is a broad term that includes any sign or badges which have the purpose of authenticating documents. In many countries around the world, this signature really conveys the idea of the law and has the same weight as a handwritten transaction. However, an electronic badge is not always encrypted like digital.

A digital signature using asymmetric cryptography and, as a handwritten signature, it is very difficult to forge. If the signatures are cryptographically created, it must be affixed to documents properly for it to really matter.

Both digital and electronic signatures provide non-repudiation signatories, especially if a special key is required to access the signature.

Electronic or digital signatures, no doubt, will make your business processes more effectively. This streamlines your processes and makes them run more smoothly. No exchanges were more documents to sign, scan and review. All this can be done automatically. Using e signature is a good idea for offices that want to go completely paperless to help the environment and cut costs.

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