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Resilience is a state of being able to bounce back after a setback, maintain composure in the face of stress or adversity, and keep going despite difficulties. It’s about having the skills to weather difficult times and continue working productively. 

Resilient managers are able to understand, interpret & discover new insights about their team’s resilience and wellbeing levels even during times of change, high pressure, and stress. You can navigate to to learn how to deal effectively with times of change, high pressure, and stress.

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Here are some of the skills of a resilient manager: 

1.Know your limits: Don’t try to do too much, or take on too much responsibility. Set boundaries and stick to them. Be realistic in your assessment of your abilities and limitations. 

2.Stay calm under pressure:  When things start to go wrong, don’t panic. Act as if everything is normal. Stay composed and logical, and don’t give in to anger or frustration. 

3.Build strong relationships with co-workers and subordinates: Respect their input and feelings, even if you don’t agree with them. Treat them with dignity and respect, and be willing to listen when they have something valuable to say. 

If things get tough, don't hesitate to provide support and assistance your team members need. This could include providing guidance through difficult challenges.  Resilience can help you weather difficult times and stay focused on your goals.

Get To Know About The Skills Of A Resilient Manager