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If you want to get rid of bed bugs yourself then follow these steps:

a. Sealing and disrupting the room, getting rid of everything possible like books, magazines etc. where small bloodsuckers might hide. Put it in a sealed plastic bag and throw it away. It is very important that the bag is tightly closed so as not to spread lice to other areas of the house.

b. Take all items from drawers and cabinets and check bugs at all stages of growth. There are many sites that will give you a clear picture of what bed bugs look like at all stages of their development. You can check bed bug bites treatment through

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If possible, wash all items in the heat wash cycle; do this also with a blanket. Anything that cannot be washed – try putting it in the dryer about ten minutes – they cannot withstand heat.

c. Now it's time for a break to start with vacuuming everything, mattresses, box springs, curtains, soft furniture, drawers and cabinets inside, furniture and floors especially around the edges.

At this stage you can find crack or hollow in walls or floors because they are a good hiding place for these oval-shaped pests. Remember to check for more obscure places such as smoke alarms, alarm clocks, photo frames, and electrical sockets. These places are also preferred as hiding places.

d. When finished, repeat the whole process using a steam cleaner.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself