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Dementia clocks are specially designed for those individuals who are suffering from memory loss or Dementia.  These clocks are used to improve their health and quality of life and allow them to continue with their daily routine.

Digital clocks are loaded with various features which include audio recordings, photos, and videos. There are some considerations: 

Easy to Read Numbers and Bold Letters:

Dementia patients can easily read large numbers on the clock. These clocks can differentiate the months, days and years. The digital clock should have many numbers that show the time of the whole day, whether it is morning or afternoon. You can also visit this website to know more about dementia clocks.

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If parents prefer 24-hour mode, there are those options as well. When the patient can distinguish between day and night, this prevents them from waking up early or sleep late.

Multiple Alarm Settings or Reminders:

When someone is in the final stages of memory loss or dementia, they often have difficulty in reading hours. A simple clock with an alarm setting is ideal because it can remind parents what time of the day it is. For example, morning to evening. these are very useful alarm to remind parents when taking medication or doctor's appointments.


dementia digital clocks are multifunctional and useful for people with memory loss, including those with poor vision. Day clock set reminders are used for important appointments such as mealtimes, medication, etc. 

Battery Power:

Most digital cameras work with them from the AC power source. Therefore, you must be connected to an electrical outlet. However, there are a few battery-powered Dementia hours which makes them suitable for hanging on a wall or are traveling with. When shopping, it is important to consider if the batteries are rechargeable.

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