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Email marketing, in the most general sense, directly sends commercial messages to a group of people using electronic mail. The purpose of the letter can vary including promoting new ideas, introducing new brands, offers and offers, bulletins, advertisements, soliciting new business, asking for sales or donations.

Email marketing can be directed to customers in the database or to a list of addresses purchased from third parties. In a broader sense, every email sent to potential or current customers can be considered as email marketing. The purpose of sending email is to retain customers, their loyalty and trust and create brand awareness in the minds of new customers. You can browse for getting more information about E-mail Marketing.

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Business runs on customers and every business uses strategies to encourage customer loyalty and generate repeat business. It's easier to keep current customers than to buy new ones and generate the same amount of trust. So, marketing helps in increasing customer merchant relationships to a greater extent.

When a company decides to go for email marketing, there is usually a campaign in mind. It could be anything, say for example it's about launching a new offer on a product and the company wants to measure sales.

Marketing is very important for every business to survive in a very competitive market. The advantage of email marketing is that it is cost-effective compared to other marketing options.   The exact return on investment can be tracked depending on the number of people who bought the product by clicking on a unique code. It also provides a cost-effective method for testing various marketing content. If you are about to launch a new product, it is advisable to use email marketing to promote your product to a low-cost audience.

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