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KoolDuct is a non-fiber insulation product that provides outstanding indoor air quality and energy savings. Because of its closed-cell, smooth aluminum surface, this medium pressure ducting system is good for commercial applications and appropriate for industrial applications.

Because KoolDuct is pre-insulated, there's no need to leave extra room for insulation. As a result, ductwork can be stacked or installed flush to the ceiling, saving significant space in the building. For more details about Koolduct visit

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SMACNA Class 3 leakage ratings are easy to attain with KoolDuct systems, and they can alleviate leakage rates that are frequent with longer duct lines.

When compared to typical double-wall ducting, KoolDuct can save up to 72 percent on weight. This can reduce building loads significantly throughout the course of an application and keep your installers feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Look no further than KoolDuct for situations that require insulated ducting. Beyond the aluminum interior, these systems give a clean, fiber-free interior insulated ducting that provides several outstanding benefits.

The KoolDuct system is a high-efficiency, pre-insulated air duct system that can be used for a number of air distribution applications. 

It has several advantages over sheet metal ducting, like being lighter, requiring less time to install, having virtually little air leakage, and having excellent R-Values. The HVAC business is being transformed by this system. 

Features Of Pre-Insulated KoolDuct