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Any business in the market requires a secure program in order to have their data protected. While migrating / installing business intelligence like Power Bi, the first thing that comes up in the mind is the security system. There are many organizations that can help you understand this term better and practically. You can also go for Power Bi consulting by

By then, let me explain to you in easy words what Power Bi Security is all about. Though there are many features of Power Bi security system, but today I will highlight the major ones. Power Bi security depends upon below mentioned component:

– Power Bi Architecture: Its architecture consists of two parts: Web Front End and a Back End. In this all the exchange of data and traffic management takes place. Both the components work in a manner that when any consumer tries to connect with the Power Bi server, it requires an authentication to proceed.

– Data Storage Security: Data in Power Bi is stored at two different places. The data that is uploaded by a user is usually stored in Azure BLOB and data uploaded by the system are stored in Azure SQL Database. When any user tries to see the data provided by the System, it again requires an authenticated user to push the request and then the system displays the data. 

– User Authentication: Power Bi does not allow any user to login into the system. One requires authentic login credentials to access the data. 

The Power BI service is built on Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure and platform. It is a protected software that won’t harm your data. It’s security systems are well built in order to secure any data stored by the user or the system. You can completely trust and depend on Power Bi for your organization’s working system. 

Features of Power Bi Security System