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It is known that this split air conditioner originated from Japan and was recently introduced in other countries such as the United States. This type of air conditioner is mainly used for schools, restaurants, family homes, office buildings, auditoriums and theaters. 

They are also known as a mini-split type with a 2 unit center system. One such unit is known as the Air Conditioner which covers the fan and evaporator. The other unit, along with the condenser, is known as a compressor. It is now easier to get the best split system air conditioner via

What is a Split Air Conditioner? - Split AC Units Guide - 2020 - Modernize

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The compressor and condenser, considered as one unit, are usually located outside the installation area. Meanwhile, the fan and evaporator are in the installation area. However, the two devices are connected by a pipe containing a drainage pipe and a power cable.

Split system or mini-split type air conditioners are not only easy to install, but also provide zone cooling which can save energy. This can be done via a thermostat, which can be used to control individual areas. 

Another benefit of the mini-split type is that it is easy to install. You don't need a duct on the wall. In addition, they make much less noise than other types of air conditioners. They are also available in various designs suitable for any interior.

However, split air conditioners have some drawbacks. On the one hand, it is more expensive compared to window-type air conditioners. In fact, the price can be double that of traditional air conditioners. Prices vary between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000 per tonne. 

Finally, when choosing a split air conditioner for your home or office, make sure you check the components as well as the appropriate equipment so that the system can function properly.

Facts About Split System Air Conditioner