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Lightings can be the difference between washed-out or vibrant colors, a drab room or inviting one, and a headache or relaxation. A comfortable and attractive home needs good lighting. However, Ellen DeGeneres lightings have ample variables such as color, energy efficiency, brightness, temperature, and dim ability.

The Common Variable in Your Home Lighting:

Watts Measure Power Usage:

When you are buying the light bulbs for your home, you have to know about the maximum wattage rating of your fixture. The flow of the electricity to the bulb creates heat in your lighting fixture. For instance, in an incandescent light bulb- more watts mean more heat. On the contrary, bulbs with lower wattage are always safe and also more energy efficient. But if your light bulb draws more watts as compared to its fixture is rated for, then overheating can create a fire hazard and also damage wiring.

Lumens Measure Light Emissions:

Lumens are the best measure of light output. They help to tell how much light is given off by a source. If you want to replace your standard incandescent light bulbs, you have to buy lumens, not watts. In addition, different types of light bulbs achieve higher lumen figures with fewer watts. When you set up your home, you have to determine how much light each room needs. Interior designers use lumens to the right amount of light for the right room. It is obvious that not every room in your home needs the same amount of light. For example, a hallway doesn’t need bright lights like an office. For the bathroom, lighting may depend on the color of the tile and how often you clean it.

Different Colors For Different Needs:

When you are lighting up your home, you have to avoid the color. Various-colored lighting is perfect for the different settings. Additionally, plain light bulbs emit a light color that ranges from yellow to blue.

Different types of light bulbs:

Once you figure out the wattage of your fixtures and add up how many lumens you will need, after that, you have to decide on a color for your light bulbs. There are several types of bulbs, each of them comes with specific uses and features. For the residential settings, there are four main types of light bulbs such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and halogen bulbs.

Incandescent Bulbs:

These types of bulbs are simple. Moreover, the flow of electricity heats the metal filament until it glows. Prevent from oxidation and increasing its life, the filament is placed in a glass bulb filled with an inert gas like nitrogen and argon.

Halogen Bulbs:

Halogen bulbs are known as improved incandescent bulbs, and they are last for longer. The innermost bulb of the halogen bulbs is filled with bromine iodine.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs:

Fluorescent light bulbs are common in parking garages and offices. They don’t consist the filament-like incandescent light bulbs.


In this, electricity flow throws the semiconductor and produces light when it jumps across the non-conductive areas.

Final Notes:

You have to choose the perfect Ellen DeGeneres lights for your home, and lighting can even make or break the look of your home.

Ellen DeGeneres: Brighten Your Home with Various Light Bulbs
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