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Just so we understand what we mean by the shorter man, in men's fashion the clothing world indicates that men 5'8" tall and under are considered short.

When you purchase only the finest men’s suits with exceptional tailoring, and with hemming for the perfect trouser length, you will look your sharpest and most confident best. Let's examine men’s suits for the shorter man more closely. To know more about us you can browse the web.

It's All in the Fit

The first rule that any shorter people should know is that size does matter. Men’s suits should be viewed in accordance with the way they fit on your body, not with the numbers on the label. Everyone is different and there is no such thing in men’s suits as one size fits all.

If you try on clothes right in the store is not an option then it is best to take your measurements and submit them to the retailer. It is very helpful for booking online and special sewing.

Measurement pants should include:

  • Out seam you to the right leg and the left, this is the length of the top of your pants waist to the bottom of your ankle.
  • Waist, measuring tape should fit firmly but without being too tight.

Coat measurement requires:

  • Measure from the left shoulder to the right shoulder and in the neck called a measurement Shoulder
  • Chest measurement requires you to hold your arm and the person helping you should measure around the widest area of the chest.
Dressing for Your Body Type: Mens Suits and the Shorter Man