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Time once was when the dog coat constituted a straightforward piece of material encasing the body of the pet, usually as a perfunctory if somewhat scant kind of protection against the cold if not a simple form of identification.

Things have moved on somewhat since those days, and the concept today embraces the whole designer wardrobe thing with brand names and fashionable logos, fur lined vests and undergarments as well as coats and jackets for each and every purpose, and for every occasion.

First off the line when it comes to functional attire for our beloved pet is inevitably the raincoat. When it is relatively warm a simple waterproof vest, with a hood, will suffice, but for these damp and dreary winters something more substantial is called for that covers the body and upper legs too, keeping your pooch warm as well as dry. You can also look for and other reputed websites for more information.

Indeed when keeping warm is as much a priority as keeping dry then today’s pet boutique will frequently offer the option not just of the quilted padded vest, but also the more complete winter raincoat such as the parka.

Alternatively there is a complete range of designer duffle coats on the market not to mention slinky bomber jackets, in the style of a ski jacket with hood, faux fur trim and waterproof functionality along with built in pockets for dog treats.

Because dogs, even more so than children, are made in a range of sizes from both extremes to everything in-between, so too of course are dog clothes. What is more they also come in a wide variety of colours to suit the tastes of both owner and of pet.

Dog Clothes for Keeping Warm and Dry
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