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The destruction of responsible documents is as important as your company in other aspects. This is the final step in the document's life cycle and must be done carefully from beginning to end.

At present, the fragmentation of basic documents is not enough, especially when it comes to confidential documents that you don't want. You can check online sites to contact secure document shredding services companies in Perth.

As a result, many companies around the world turn to professional institutions that specialize in document archiving, management, storage, and destruction.

This facility offers a solution that is easily accessible, reliable, and convenient and ensures the destruction of all documents that are not used and unwanted properly.

However, the question is: which document do you have to destroy? And which ones can you throw away the old-fashioned way?

The general rule is to destroy all documents in your company that you no longer use, especially those containing the following data:

• All telephone numbers,

• SIM number,

• Passport number,

• All information about the customer's or employee’s educational history (including all copies of accreditation, certificates, etc. That person),

• Job information (especially information about salary, address, etc.),

• Credit and debit card numbers (if recognized, this can lead to fraudulent activities),

• Bank account address,

• Data about insurance policies,

• Broker account information

All of this may seem quite obvious. However, there are many types of documents that the company did not destroy because they believed it was harmless. 

Document Destruction – What Needs To Go?