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If you take out a loan to buy your home, the mortgage lender will require you to buy what is called a lender title insurance policy, also known as loan title insurance policy, because it protects the lender for the full amount of the home loan. You can also surf internet for best title insurance guide.

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The second type of title insurance policy, known as the owner's title insurance policy, is optional. Owner’s title insurance protects the homebuyer for the full amount of the property value. Most real estate professionals recommend supporting this purchase owner's title insurance protection. Find out why in the next slide.

Why did I buy title insurance policy owner if it is optional?

Unlike most other types of insurance we buy to cover us in the future, past title insurance title insurance issues that came to light after you close at home. 

Lost, forged or one of the planned acts as well as land access issues and ties on the property may not be known at the time of closing as some examples of problems titles.

Without the owner's title insurance, you might be on the hook for legal fees and other costs to settle the dispute. 

Owner’s title insurance policy means the greatest asset you have the support of a multi-billion dollar insurance underwriters and legal departments – must exist that make claims the title, you will be covered and compensation for losses at no extra cost

Do I have to buy title insurance?