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Remember how the internet started off? It was just a web of text documents and almost all of us have witnessed the journey of the internet. Things, of course, have changed for the better and the presence of images, audios and videos is a common sight now.

This changing face of the internet has heavily affected the marketing strategies and there's a huge demand for fresh, informative, interactive and cutting-edge marketing techniques. And what's better than animated videos?

TADApix Creative  is a creative marketing company specializing in producing animated videos for brands, products, and businesses by creating a friendly and approachable image

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Animated videos are a powerful tool with the potential to heavily impact the digital marketing world. While it might seem new to the uninitiated, tech giants have been using it for years. Microsoft used animated videos to market MS Office and Windows, along with many big firms. Google later caught up with the trend and launched an animated campaign in 2012.

Considering how the production cost is low, and also that these are more engaging and visible to the audience, the digital marketing future would be brimming with all sorts of animated videos and it wouldn't be wrong to say that animated videos would function as a major marketing weapon.

A video describing the business's commitment towards its services and promises is more likely to be retained by the viewers. Also, it's a proven fact that people are more intrigued towards videos; people have a tendency to instantly connect with animated illustrations.

This is the reason people viewing videos are more 89% more likely to invest in a service or product. In any case, it's more convenient to watch videos than reading text.

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