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Are you frustrated looking for a hair loss solution that does not involve pain or embarrassment? Be aware that your hair loss is depressing. But it's not too late, because there is a natural solution that does not require painful surgery or the use of chemicals.

There are a number of reasons why we lose our hair such as stress or aging. However, a very common cause for hair thinning is a hormone called DHT which is released into your blood stream. You can get to know about hair growth treatment via online search.

The hormone DHT is the main reason why your hair thinning. DHT attaches to the hair follicles. This causes the follicles to get smaller and smaller until they eventually die and leave you with a patch of hair missing.

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Never fear, there are natural hair loss solutions you can do that against DHT. One way is simply by watching what you eat. The other is to use the right mix of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals in supplement form to fight DHT.

Eating foods rich in vitamin B is an easy way to start and maintain healthy hair. But, lack of B vitamins, such as B6, folic acid, and niacin is often associated with hair loss.

So what else fights DHT and helps stimulate hair growth?

Safe, natural hair loss solutions that block DHT and provide your scalp with essential nutrients to stimulate hair growth were found in herbal extracts.

One of the best is Saw Palmetto extract. The essential active ingredient approved by the FDA for use in hair loss programs because it lowers levels of DHT.

Discover An Effective Hair Loss Solution – Finally The Natural Solution To Hair Loss
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