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Dallas, TX – In the late 1990's only a few types of paper were available to the digital printing industry. Until that time the color of digital papers was basic white and only a small amount of thicknesses and grade printing papers were available to accommodate the hungry digital presses. You can also visit Arrow Printing Supplies to find the best quality printing papers.

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While offset printing continued to produce high quality printed products, it seemed as though digital printing was relegated to warming the bench as the big guys could print on just about any substrate that could pass through it or under it. That was the rap, a technology starved for attention and inspiration. Having such a small arsenal of digital papers to make an impression, coupled with a young technology, digital printing, was still left trying to find a footing in the printing world.

In recent years the challenges and innovations of bringing substrates to the forefront have significantly enabled the ability of digital printing presses to amplify their brilliant colors. This is due not only to the latest innovations in digital printing equipment but by producing substrates that marry well with inkjet spray systems.

In today's digital printing environment the focus is to the marketer and the variety of substrates that can be digitally produced upon. The solution to putting ink to substrate is in the latest digital printing equipment and is based on the digital press and substrate at hand. 

Digital Printing Papers and What You Should Know