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Applying makeup isn't quite as simple as it looks. Nowadays, there are several appearances to pick from and that is not all, your look may also reflect your character. 

How you carry yourself describes you. You can also get teen makeup at

There are a lot of looks from which you can choose and experiment. It is dependent on you personally, which look you want to create. But to create that look you need to buy different types of makeup brushes that perform different functions.


Some of the makeup brushes and their functions are listed below:

  • Face Brushes: Getting the perfect face brush is very difficult. You need a soft makeup brush as your skin is sensitive and hard brushes can damage your skin. If you are doing makeup for your kid you need to pay more attention to the quality of the brush, as they have delicate, soft, and sensitive skin.
  • Eye Brushes: Eyes play an important part in your makeup regimen. Almost everything in the makeup look depends on your eyes. You can use an eye shadow brush to cover the eyebrow and combine the shade to create the desired effect. You can choose a  darker shade for a stunning look or lighter shade for ordinary makeup. 
Different Type of Makeup Brushes