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Dog Fashion has become very popular in recent times. It’s now possible to obtain nearly any sort of clothing for your dog, particularly in the smaller sizes. Even big dogs can nowadays be found wearing designer canine coats and jackets in the cold weather.

Naturally, you must suit your dog’s clothing to the type of dog or puppy you have. Whilst frilly dresses and flower-power knitwear may look cute on a Scottie or Yorkshire Terrier, they may not look so appealing on a German Shepherd. On the other hand, a robust coat or body warmer on a larger, ‘tougher’ type of dog can look cool. You can also look for pet lover sweatshirt for your dog and for yourself.

Cheeky T Shirts For your Dog

So what to choose for your dog? Dog T Shirts are all the rage these days and are suitable for all sizes and shapes of dogs. You can usually get one to suit the smallest or largest breed. Pick T Shirts which are made from a cotton/Lycra mix as this stretches and is soft and comfortable on your dog’s tummy.

Dog’s T Shirts come in an array of colours; some plain, some with ‘diamante’ or sparkle to give them more ‘bling’. Or what about picking a mischievous slogan? Some can be very humorous – ‘Does My Bum Look Big In This?’ or ‘The Dogfather’! They will cause a smile everywhere you go with your designer dog!

Designer Clothes For Dogs