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Maybe you and your friends enjoy playing golf. If so, then you might want to think about adding a system for gathering you where you award each other golf trophy and awards for achieving certain differences in all sports that you enjoy. Not only can this improve the spirit of friendly competition in your group, but can also promote the ethos of friendship and solidarity between you and your friends. You can design a system that would be fun for everyone.

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For example, one of the classic golf trophies is the "longest drive" trophy. As the name suggests, this goes to those who managed to reach the longest drive in a round of golf. groups of friends can decide how often you will mark this distinction: every week, every round, or even every hole?

If you are going to introduce trophies in this friendly competition, then you can decide whether you want a trophy that circulated from person to person from time to time. Or maybe everyone except the winner can chip and buy a trophy for the winner.

The second way is probably better because people tend to get rather attached to the trophy after reaching one.

Once you decide to visit the trophy to make part of your regular golf, then you should think about what kind of golf trophy that you want to get another one. I recommend that you look into the glass cup. It is elegant by nature, and they deliver the right level of respect and authority, not too much and not too little.

Crystal Awards – Recognizing & Rewarding Staff and Clients