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A Christian is loving and forgiving practices that play other cheeks because this is the path of Christ. Jesus comes to give an example for us to follow what will enable us, if we follow his example, to find the peace that exceeds all sense. A Christian uses prayer to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in a situation that might not be included in the Bible or to seek greater clarification of the Scriptures of the Bible.

A Christian uses a Bible study to examine its own interpretation of the scripture Bible. A Christian is not perfect but uses the correct interpretation of Christianity and the real purpose to be perfected. You can get to know about the bible history timeline at

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Most Christians will witness other Christians who fail and this is because Christians are in the process of being refined, are in the process of learning how to remove the beams from their own eyes, from fellow brothers and their sisters deserve, instead Transfer to see the beam, mistake on their fellow brothers and judge them hard through the ego eyes, separate self.

The Christian Bible Scriptures reflect Christianity, but there are many scriptures in the Bible that some Christians struggle with their meanings, and even certain phrases or words. Phrases such as 'knowledge lock', 'let this mind be in you who are also in Christ Jesus, "You are all gods', 'Let the dead bury their dead'. 

In the Bible, it said, "God is the Spirit and those who worship it must worship it in spirit and truth". If we take the four phrases above, we will say: "Is this intended to be interpreted in the literal sense, or we are intended to seek the spirit of truth in the Bible?" 

Christianity and Christian Beliefs- Bible Study and Correct Interpretation of Scripture