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When you first start looking for a moving company you might think that you will have to rely on a telephone conversation with a salesperson, and talk to one of your loved ones or friends who used these companies to determine which one you should choose.

With today's technology and the various review sites available, you can now see hundreds or perhaps thousands of online reviews of various companies engaged in your area to determine the skilled family moving company for you. Here are two ways you can tell if a moving company is right for you.

Friends and family

It should go without saying, but the most trusted people in your life will give you the most honest reviews on anything from family problems to moving companies, so trust them. If a loved one or a family member has used a certain moving company in the past, ask them how they would rate the service and if they would use the company again. This recommendation can be trusted more than the reviews on the internet or salesperson talk.

Contact the Company

After researching the company on review sites and receiving reviews and recommendations from friends and family, it is time to move on to the company itself. This will allow you to not only ask about fees and services, but it will help you to better understand the company itself.

Usually, people who you will talk to will be friendly and open, which is standard procedure, but be sure to ask questions that will make them think, like "Do you allow me to speak to previous clients?", "Can I visit your office and facilities to see how you handle your client's belongings? ".

If they answered no to either of these, a red flag should go. While saying no is not always a bad thing (maybe they are very busy at the moment), they should allow you to speak with previous customers without fear of losing you or your business.

Choosing the Right Family Moving Company – Why Trusted Opinions Matter