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There are around 7,000 official medallion taxis licensed to operate within downtown Chicago. This makes requesting taxis relatively quick particularly in the more crowded areas. Drivers of taxis are advised to take the first person they spot and can’t deny a fare to or from any part of the city.

You can easily find a taxi from O’Hare airport. Additionally, there are many taxi service providers in the greater Chicago areas.

Getting to Chicago O’Hare Airport

O'Hare Chicago International Airport is the primary airport that serves the Chicago region and is situated in the northernmost point of the entire city. Chicago is the third-largest urban area in America with an estimated population of nearly 3 million people.

taxi from o'hare

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One of those residents is not a different person than Barack Obama, the President of the United States himself. Tourism is a major industry for Chicago with more than 46 million tourists traveling to Chicago as of 2012.

Taxis in Chicago

As we mentioned previously, there are approximately 6,800 medallion-owned taxi drivers that operate throughout the central district of Chicago. Chicago oversees the distribution and utilization of medallion taxi licenses. Every two or three years, they auction off any medallions not in use to keep the same amount of taxis operating on all the roads of Chicago.

The permits for taxi medallions are purchased, leased, or lease of the taxi's medallion, which can be displayed on the upper right corner of the taxi.

Chicago OHare Airport Taxis & Transfers