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Charter schools are free public schools. According to the Ministry of Education in Florida, they are also among the preferred option of the fastest growing school in the state. There is a high level of responsibility commitment in the exercise of freedom of the traditional format of the public school.

Often these schools are created from an individual, a group of parents, teachers, business, or city that believes in the concept of learning opportunities growing through innovation. A performance contract called "charter" is drafted and presented to the district school board.

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Once the details are developed and approved, the school is sponsored by the school district. The contract details the academic performance and expected financial, but fundamentally it operates autonomously.

It must be said that public funding for charter schools are not 100% of the funds FTE (full time equivalent). A report from the Ball State University last year concluded that Florida charter schools receive up to 30% less than traditional public schools with the school district pocketing the balance.

The school district can also easily close one, if it does not meet student achievement goals agreed in the charter, fails to comply with generally accepted standards of public financial management, violates the law, or shows any other valid reason.

Yet in spite of these facts and the explosive growth in the popularity of charter schools over the past decade, strong objections against them continue.

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