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Boys shorts are fast becoming a favorite swimwear fashion for girls of all ages. Even hot girls with ideal bikini bodies are opting for this conservative type of swimwear. The boy brief style is unique because it provides significantly more protection than every bit as the hottest bikini base design but attractive.

So what a boy short?

Boy shorts can be swimwear or loungers. The title may sound masculine but this way of panties or swimwear is ultra hot and feminine. The boy short can vary to some degree in its design but to be considered a true boy short it must maintain the basic boy brief look. If you want to buy womens cotton boy shorts then visit

Boy Shorts - A More Conservative Swimwear Style

The boy-leg-brief fashion of panties or swimwear was made with more legs and less riding waist. They typically have a banded or belted shirt and have leg openings that lack accumulated elasticity. They are available in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and colors.

Why choose this particular style?

There are some very good reasons for making the change from traditional cherry, thong, or G-string bottles to brief and hot boys. From the realm of swimwear, the boy has been briefly growing in popularity over the years because shorts are more comfortable to wear, offer more protection, and are extremely warm.

The concept of skimpy bikini lingerie is not an attractive idea in the case that a brief boy may be your ideal solution. Because of the wider fashionable bands and more slim back coverage, girls who are sensitive about revealing a lot to guys in girls can still be happy wearing a warm two peaceful swimsuit.

Boy Shorts – A More Conservative Swimwear Style