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Boy’s shorts are fast becoming the swimsuit style of choice for women of all ages. Even hot girls with perfect bikini bodies choose this more conservative swimsuit style.

The boy's short style is unique in that it offers much wider coverage. You can also buy boys swimwear, rashguards, boards shorts and jammers online via Coegawear.

Small children's shorts can be both swimwear and underwear. They are also known as boy's briefs or shorts. These names may sound masculine, but these types of underwear or swimwear are very feminine.

Boy-leg pants or swimwear designed with longer legs and lower waist. The leg opening is usually at the beginning of the thigh and the waistline is at or below the thigh.

It looks like men's underwear or men's boxers. They usually have a strap or belt at the top and leg openings that have no accumulated elasticity.

They are available in various lengths, fabrics, and colors. These look a lot like naughty hot pants but worn as underwear or a swimsuit.

Why choose this style?

There are several good reasons to switch from a traditional bikini, thong, or thong to a boy who is short. In the world of swimwear, boys have grown in popularity in recent years because the shorts are comfortable to wear, and offer more protection.

If the idea of wearing a skimpy bikini underneath isn't an alluring idea, a boy cut might be the perfect solution. Due to wider waist circumference and fuller back, women who are sensitive to the public display of many people can still wear the swimwear of both worlds.

Boy Shorts – A More Conservative Swimwear Style
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