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When it comes to manufacturing PET bottles for food or drinking water the manufacturers can alter their methods, which can make it more expensive for PET bottle manufacturing costs.

However, the same basic procedures are followed.

for production of PET bottling water in Hawaii 


These steps comprise:

  • Raw Materials

  • The Building of an Execution

  • The Preform is stretched

  • Cooling and trimming

1. Raw Material:

Plastic bottles are the materials utilized in the process are the plastic resin that is derived from petroleum hydrocarbons.

This is the ability to make lengthy chains of molecules of plastic using the process of polymerization (a process that aids in the formation of three-dimensional polymers by combining monomer molecules in a chemical process).

The petroleum hydrocarbons are combined with various chemical compounds.

In the process of making bottles The resins in PET are broken into smaller round pieces prior to when they are shipped to a bottling facility.

2. Building a Preform:

At temperatures of approximately 500 degrees F, mix of the PET and regrind melts with extruders. extruder which is a screw reactor that

  • Mixes

  • Formulas

  • Puffs

  • Dries


A second step aids in stretching the preform inside the mold in two parts.

Inside the mold which surrounds the preform is designed to resemble a bottle. It also has a long needle which pushes the preform, which is suspended by its screw with its end facing downwards.


The final step will require the bottle to be immediately chilled. This ensures that the bottle won't lose its shape when it's drawn down by gravity during the state of heat.

The steps for PET bottling production are easy, but they must be done with diligence and accuracy

Bottling Manufacturing Of PET Bottles
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