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Roller blinds are popular for their versatility and ability to be customised to suit any environment and taste. Blockout roller blinds have an added appeal. They have the ability to reduce heat and light. 

Do blockout roller blinds reduce heat? 

They sure do! High-quality blockout roller blinds are not just made with thick material. Proper blockout roller blinds are made by sandwiching a foil-like substance between the inner and outer layers of the blinds. This allows the roller blinds to provide additional insulation to a room. Added insulation means less heat enters a room as it is reflected away from the room. 

Are blockout roller blinds 100% UV? 

The quality of blockout blinds will ultimately determine the percentage of UV resistant they are. Poor quality UV blinds will be of a lower percentage of UV resistant. This will result in them absorbing more heat, which will leak into the room they are meant to be protecting. Over time, the roller blinds will also fade and begin to disintegrate. Higher quality blockout roller blinds will have a long lifespan due to their UV rating. This means that they are less likely to be affected by UV rays, which are important in Australia due to the depleted ozone layer (resulting in a higher concentration of UV rays than in other places in the world). Higher quality roller blinds will last longer, not fade or disintegrate, as well as block out more heat and light. 

Can I use blockout roller blinds all year long? 

Blockout roller blinds are versatile in that they provide benefits in summer and winter.

Benefits of blockout roller blinds in summer include reduction of light and heat allowed to enter a space from windows. This results in cooler rooms. Cooler rooms have the added benefits of furniture not facing or warping in the heat and light. In winter, blockout roller blinds provide the opposite insulation than they do in summer. Insulation reflects heat when it is needed as well as keep it in. In winter, blockout roller blinds help keep heat in a room. This means that the harsh winters and summers in a place like Melbourne can be mitigated through well-placed blockout roller blinds.


Blockout roller blinds have a variety of benefits including their ability to reduce the amount of heat and light allowed into a room. The way blockout roller blinds are manufactured allows them to also reduce the amount of heat escaping a room during winter. These are both highly important in a climate such as that of Melbourne. An additional important consideration of blockout roller blinds is that of their UV rating. Australia is known for its depleted ozone layer which increases the amount of UV rays that penetrate the atmosphere. Due to this, the UV rating of blinds, furniture and other items can be a highly important consideration. A higher UV rating on an item reduces the likelihood that heat and light resulting from UV rays will fade and disintegrate the roller blinds. 


Blockout Roller Blinds
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