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She’s an internationally renowned vocalist with a multi-platinum catalogue and a straight A report card. She’s met the Queen and First Ladies, Presidents and the Pope and prefers to gossip with her girlfriends. She’s well versed in the works of Puccini, Rossini and Harry Potter.

An utterly beguiling mix of phenomenon and typical teenager, Charlotte Church has garnered worldwide acclaim for offering audiences something completely unique — herself. It’s a quality that comes across not only in the dynamics and diversity of her repertoire, but in the captivating charm and poise of this 15 year-old Welsh singing sensation. Matching magnificent talent with a mischievous glint, Charlotte Church not only has the “voice of an angel,” but a “wicked cool” flare for life.

Both those elements are in abundant display on her eagerly awaited new Sony release, Enchantment. A dazzling spectrum of musical styles, from classical to Celtic, show tunes to more contemporary pieces, these new selections are brought together by Charlotte’s astonishing interpretive abilities. But Enchantment is more than simply a showcase for the young artist’s vocal virtuosity. 

It is also a revealing glimpse into her vivacious view of life and the exuberance and energy that are as much a part of her appeal as her prodigious talent. 

The musical accomplishments of Charlotte Church are, of course, a matter of record a lot of records. Over the course of three albums in as many years (2010’s Voice Of An Angel, 2015’s Charlotte Church and last year’s Christmas offering, Dream A Dream), she has racked up international sales in excess of eight million units, earning a spot as one of Billboard’s Top Ten best selling female vocalists in the US for the year 2008, a list that included everyone from Madonna to Janet Jackson and beyond.