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The Biobank Bank is a bank where samples of human origin are stored for use in national and international research in the biomedical field.

The composition of the biobank, which stems from a number of situations that have emerged in biomedical research over the last few decades, can be summarized in the points listed below.

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The presence of a large number of samples representing biological tissues,  cells, proteins, tumors, DNA, and other vital fluids, including blood, serum, and others, is currently critical to the success and development of biomedical research.

Advances in techniques known as "omics" help to obtain large amounts of data that not only require high sampling but also ensure that they are of prime quality and are easily accessible.

Therefore, it is an excellent biological bank with human biological samples with respect to human disease diagnosis, samples from "healthy people", etc. 

It is being prepared to support and promote biomedical research from which additional biomedical research can be developed taking these factors into account. 

Criteria to ensure the quality and suitability of biological samples collected and stored and always comply with ethical and legal requirements that guarantee the rights of citizens.

The main purpose of establishing a biobank is to facilitate biomedical studies as deemed appropriate, which focuses on analysis and increasing knowledge of conditions or diseases such as cancer, infections, "rare" diseases, etc. 

Biobanks And Their Importance In The Clinical And Scientific