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Everyone, whether as a patient or a loved one, experiences stress in the face of the health system. That stress is compounded when you face lawsuits against your health care provider or insurance company. 

Not only does stress exacerbate stress, but it also stops or hinders the body's healing process. A less stressful alternative to litigation is conflict resolution mediation. If done properly, it greatly improves the patient's vision. 

EUCLID's Online Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

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First, those involved in mediation or alternative dispute resolution get a better sense of control. In resolving disputes using ADR, both parties are free to reveal their sides of the dispute in such a way that they can formulate a resolution. 

They see it as a more appropriate alternative to traditional legal proceedings, in which lawyers often fight with enemies to win over the judge and/or jury. Mediation, on the other hand, gives the parties the opportunity to resolve matters fairly and honestly without lawyers trying to beat each other and lose the original objective in the process.

Second, both parties seek mutually satisfying solutions because mediation is a more constructive and positive process. A good mediator will ensure that both parties are focused on finding acceptable solutions to the problem. 

Unlike litigation, each disputant leaves the table with a clear conscience and is able to maintain their relationship with one another. Finally, mediation suggests that dispute resolution can be found. 

Beyond the Solution – Positive Effects of Mediation