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Dancing is innate in every person and can become a hobby or even a profession. However, some people have two left feet and think that they cannot dance.

This can be rectified by learning during childhood because it is during this time that the brain learns things the best. If you want to ensure your children learn how to move well at a young age, you can enroll them in dance classes for kids.

There are many types of classes to choose from. The most common is the ballet. Ballet isn't just for girls (which is a common misconception), but also for boys. Classes will be full of girls however, but that's not to say that boys will not be welcome.

It is every little girl's dream to be a ballerina. One of the benefits of ballet dancing is also to strengthen the leg muscles and to ensure that your child is active as ballet dancing is quite physically demanding.

The latest addition is hip hop dance for kids. It is relatively modern and it comes in a variety of forms. These forms of hip hop dance include breaking, popping, and locking. Breakdancing is further subdivided into four types, the top rock, down rock, freezes and power moves. The four subdivisions can all be incorporated into one dance routine.

Other forms of hip hop dance are locking and popping. These are two different styles but are often mistaken for each other Locking is characterized by a pause in between movements. Popping, on the other hand, is characterized by a jerking movement, and some sliding and gliding movement. You can't really do these at the same time.

At present, there are three more additional styles. These are krumping, turfing and jerking. These three still fall under the hip hop dance style and are a style all themselves.

Dance is also always upgrading. Today there are many new styles invented. Some dancers incorporate jazz dance in hip hop routines and vice versa. Dance classes also offer such a mixture of dance forms. Movies and stage acts have started to showcase a mixture of these two styles.

Best Dance Classes For Kids
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