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There is no denying that the PBX phone system is a remarkable technology that has really changed the whole concept of business communication. PBX systems today are purchased heavily by small and medium business houses to many valuable features.

It is a fact that until recently PBX systems are beyond their capability for many small business organizations. But with the advent Hosted IP PBX-based systems, small businesses can now easily purchase this system. There are many companies which provide all-inclusive cloud phone system for small businesses.

Now the business enterprise – regardless of the size and scale of their operations – can have access to the advantages and features of the classic PBX system and compete with larger companies a level playing field.

PBX systems are capable of many advanced call handling features that can contribute to overall business efficiency, improve employee productivity and deliver business communications professional look. PBX system can include a lot of features depending on the requirements of small businesses. Some standard features are:

Call transfer

This feature ensures that no important business calls are missed. Whether you are in a chair or anywhere else in the office or at home for the purpose of your call will be transferred where you are. All incoming telephone calls intended for you can be routed to any number you want to achieve.

Call waiting

Call waiting is a feature usually available with Hosted PBX service provider. He reminds the called party of the incoming call pending when the user engages in a previous call. Warning is usually in the form of a continuous sound to indicate another call is waiting.

Name and telephone number of calling party displayed on the screen, so the user can decide his / her priorities.

Benefits Of PBX Systems For Small Business