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Sushruta, history-wise physician from 1500 BC, in his book Sushruta Samhita, describes 1120 illnesses, 700 medicinal plants and some other mine-animal and preparations to treat several diseases.

It is a verified fact that plants and crops, consumed in the correct amounts, can help combat the deadly disease. Ayurvedic herbal remedies are a nontoxic and natural cure for several diseases and help form the body's defenses. The following are some of the benefits of herbal supplements.

* They increase the absorption and digestion of food

* Herbs can strengthen and improve the immune system

* Herbs can fight colds, viral and bacterial skin infections and skin repair and skin quality.

* Cancer and autoimmune disorders can also be treated with herbal medicines

* While undergoing treatment for chronic diseases, Ayurvedic herbs and supplements can nourish the body and strengthens bones and teeth

* Some herbs contain antioxidant properties, which improves fertility

Ashwagandha, calendula, chamomile, baptisia, red clover, yucca, and marshmallow are some herbal supplements that act as adaptogens and immunity enhancers.

Some Ayurvedic supplements are meant for consumption and others for external application. The herbal effectuality different in different media ingests and each medium has a unique effect on the body. Herbs intended to cure internal organs tend to be consumed with water, honey, oil, ghee or milk.

Herbs are intended for external application and are used to treat skin problems. These medicines are usually in the form of oil, liniments, ointments, lotions, pastes and body wraps.

Benefit From Ayurvedic Supplements